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Post by Sarah Yadin on Fri Aug 17, 2012 3:26 pm


  1. Each character gets a username. Please register with "First Last". If you registered with something other than your characters name you can change it at any time in your profile. Do not use "FIRST LAST" (all caps) or "first last" (no caps) and if you register with "fIrSt LaSt", we will be forced to hunt you down and kill you on principle. Razz

  2. This is a literate site, so we ask for basic grammar and spelling to be used. This means no chatspeak in posts. Real English, please. (You will be given grace if English is not your first language, of course.)

  3. RPers Golden Rule: Give Unto Others What Is Given To You. This means that if someone gives you a couple thousand words of a post, do not respond with two hundred words. That's just kind of sucky. Do not skip other players. We understand that conversations happen, but do them through PM or IM and stick them all in one solid post so no one gets left behind.

  4. Do not God-mod. This means having your character work with Player Knowledge, breaking the laws of the universe, Puppet-teering (controlling another player's character), or Passive God-modding, where you force a player to do any of the above in order to get their character out of a situation as a result of your post.

  5. RESPECT. It makes the world go round. Respect other members, respect the admins and mods, respect the rules (you'll be given three warnings if you break rules), just respect. 'Kay?

  6. If you can't be active for whatever reason, please let us know in a Leave Thread. You don't even have to say why or for how long, though that information is appreciated. Real life comes first, and we get that.

  7. Don't be offensive. If you have to ask yourself if something could offend someone or make them uncomfortable, err on the side of caution and don't do it. Racist, sexist, sexual harrassment, etc, comments will not be tolerated.

  8. Real life comes first. Seriously, if something comes up, we understand. Don't be afraid to let us know if things are going on.

  9. This is an RP site, not a petting zoo. There will be no feeding of the drama llama's, or your pet drama llama will be barbecued and served with A-1 Sauce.

  10. Have fun! That's the whole point of this site!

Rules attributed to Katilan

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