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Post by Sarah Yadin on Sun Mar 30, 2014 12:01 pm

Name, nicknames, anything:

    Logan Echolls

age/rank [please refer to the list of opened and filled ranks before choosing a rank], anything that goes along with that (include what country and branch of the military[ignore if character is not military] the character is in):

    24, Navy Lt.

Describe your character's appearance. Include eye colour, hair colour, height, build, and anything extra.

    Logan is tall, with a skinny but muscular build he perfected surfing in Southern California.

Character play-by (Actor/actress that portrays your character)

    Jason Dohering

Likes/Dislikes, at least three each.

  • surfing
  • boxing
  • traveling
  • Neptune CA
  • people who mess with his girl
  • any and all Echoll’s films/ fans/ or ties to his family


  • Ace pilot for FA/18 Superhornet
  • hand to hand combat
  • manipulator…like Veronica he is very good at getting himself into trouble, though he usually needs her help to get back out again.

Strengths/Weaknesses, at least three each.

  • Perseverance—he knew he had to get his life under control and he joined the service. It wasn’t easy, but now he finds himself supporting others in those hard times.  
  • Bravery—he will jump into anything for the right cause no matter how dangerous.
  • Witty—he will always have a comeback.
  • Possessive—he’s worked very hard on this one but it still shows itself in the relationships he cares about most. No one messes with what he cares about.
  • Jealous—another thing he has worked very hard on but at times it still rears its ugly head.
  • Reckless—that need to protect no matter what has more than once gotten him into trouble far over his head.

At least three important events in your character's life and why it matters.

  • He’s the son of a movie star
  • The movie star eventually killed his girlfriend, tried to kill his current girlfriend, and drove his mother to suicide. His teenage years were an epic disaster.
  • The last time he threw himself at a fight for the sake of the woman he still loved an she broke ties really sobered him up. Veronica was (and might still be) the only real grounding force in his life. He tried to live up to the kind of man she would want him to be, even when she left. He joined the service, got his life together, and still walks the straight and narrow…with the exception of a drunken brawl with his fellow sailors from time to time and a few misjudged celebrity hook ups.

Main goal:

    To be a good man

Greatest fear:

    He’s already failed.

What does your character not like about themselves? At least three things.

  • he tends to sabotage any relationship he’s in
  • his past and most of his decisions.
  • himself

Why was your character chosen for the Stargate program? (Include any skills that would be part of the reason.)

    Funny story really…you remember that possessive and reckless side? Well that tends to pop up around certain people. I can always tell if Veronica is lying to me, even if I can’t tell what the truth actually is. I have a hard time leaving that kind of stuff alone, you know? I thought she was in trouble. I really had no idea just how much trouble or how deep it went. I found out though. Had a conversation with a General that turned my life on its head…again.

Describe your character's personality, at least one hundred words.

    Logan is a good man with the worst history. He has been charged with murder more times than he has fingers to count, framed, abused, lied to…the list goes on. He went off the deep end several times, but always found a way back to the surface—usually with a certain feisty blonde dragging him by the hair. Since then, he’s had to keep himself above water, joining the Navy helped. He is now devoted to the organization that finally gave him a purpose, a life beyond rich party kid with a bad temper and even worse reputation.

Your character's history, at least 300 words.


Roleplay sample (please use the character you're creating):


PLAYER DETAILS. Name (doesn't have to be real, just a moniker for us to use), age, how long you've been RPing, timezone, best way to contact you, anything else you think we should know:


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