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Of all the gin joints... Empty Of all the gin joints...

Post by Logan Echolls on Sun Mar 30, 2014 9:26 pm

Another week of training Air Force wenies the ropes of the joint strike fighter and kicking thier asses like the best the Navy had to offer was complete. Now it was time for some well earned downtime, maybe a weekend on the slopes, but first a toast or five to random crap soldiers toasted. The life of a Naval officer suited him well, oddly enough. It was no secret the wealth that came with his family name--or the stories for that matter--but most men admired him for not being a typical hollywood dushbag and actually having the stones to fight for a livng, whether he needed the money or not. The rest were too caught up in the tabloids to see the bars on his shoulder and most ended up in the brig because of it.

Logan tossed back another Jager and sent his "men" a thumbs up and signature devil-may-care grin from across the room. He wasn't offically their CAG until he got promoted, but as that would happen any day now, the squadron didn't seem to mind the early celebration. They deserved it. He deserved it.

"Drinks all around, courtesy of the US Navy!"

Some random, shitfaced, arforce puke who'd joined their band of merry men announced and the whole bar cheered. Well, good thing he didn't actually need his Lt.'s salary.

He sat back leaning against the bar with one arm waiting for the bartender to refil his squad's drinks and let out a deep sigh. Life was grand, but he still couldn't help his eyes from following every shock of blonde hair they fell on.

Hey, it was okay to have a thing for blondes....
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