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Post by Sarah Yadin on Fri Aug 17, 2012 11:47 pm

Cold. There was no warmth anymore. A shadow of a woman curled in a darkened corner trying to sleep, but sleep didn't come. She could hear her tormentors in the other room, reveling in their superiority with alcohol and foul smelling cigarettes. And they called her infidel? The door opened and she stiffened. Breath reeking with cheep liquor found the back of her neck. Not again...

Sarah Yadin sat up in bed, the sheets pulled to her damp skin and her chest heaving. The room was dark and empty except for her bed and a few boxes. A mile underground was a far cry from her beachfront house, but she couldn't go home. She could never go home.

She slid her legs off her bed, wincing at the reminder that her pain pill was over due. It was a miracle she could even walk after what they did. A cane was still needed, but she was rapidly outgrowing it, doing her drills until she couldn't move anymore and then starting over again.

Sarah's feet dangled on the cold floor as she reached for the walking stick. She slipped off the bed and stood slowly, gritting her teeth as her leg straightened out.

She left her room and headed for the locker rooms. Communal. Perfect.

She hung outside listening for a moment to hear if someone was inside. Hearing nothing, she went inside and over to the sinks.

Cold water splashed over her fingers before she cupped them and allowed the water to collect. She lowered her face to her hands and submerged it, sputtering at the refreshing water.

This was going to be a long day.

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